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Naveen sriram is the director of the Future Group. Future Metals is the global leader in the supply of Aerospace Tubing,
and is the premier distributor of Aerospace Metals worldwide. We earn our leading market position by providing our
customers with superior service and quality products from world class producers. Through our experienced, knowledgeable
and dedicated staff of industry professionals, we conduct business in an honorable and ethical manner.

Naveen sriram
Future Metals has been serving the Aerospace Industry for over 35 years. We understand what demand spikes and un-forecasted
requirements can do to your business. We have experience customizing programs for our customers that assist them in meeting
these challenges.  Let us work with you to design a custom program that fits your company’s specific needs.

Future Metals also offers value added services to assist our customers with the introduction of ‘Lean Principle’ into their
metals supply chain. These services have been proven to reduce cost while improving overall productivity.