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Discover How Head Lice Can Be Eliminated

Perhaps you might be asking about the purpose of using benzyl alcohol? Basically, there are quite a few, it can be used in treating lice in the head, small insects that are irritating your scalp and such likes. This type of drug on the other hand is not suitable for children below 6 months. It might be the time for you to buy benzyl alcohol if you have lice in your head and frequently irritating you.

In using this drug, be sure that you are going to read the patient information leaflet from the pharmacy before you buy benzyl alcohol or begin using it. If you have uncertainties or doubts regarding this drug, it will be ideal to immediately ask your pharmacist or doctor. This type of medication as a matter of fact is frequently used for scalp and hair only. And if you are going to use this drug, be sure that you have given proper instruction by your physician to ensure that you are using it effectively. Due to the reason that this drug is not capable of ridding egg lice, it is imperative to have alternative treatments to get rid of it before they get hatched and reproduce.

With regards to the application of this medicine, there should be an adult or someone who will supervise it. Your eyes should be covered using a towel and make sure that your eyes are closed tightly as soon as the medicine is applied. It is very important that the drug should only be applied on dry hair. At the same time, the amount of medication that will be applied should be only enough to cover the hair and scalp.

Gently massage the scalp as soon as you are done applying the medication on to your head and hair. Leave the drug onto your hair and scalp as what instructed by your physician. This will normally take ten minutes, after the time is lapse, rinse it with tap water. Be very careful that the medication doesn’t touch the mouth, eyes, nose or vagina. In the event that the drug has accidentally applied in any of the said locations, be sure to flush it out with running water. Right after the treatment, you may actually shampoo your hair. A lice comb or a fine-tooth comb on the other hand could be used in getting rid of the treated lice eggs and lice as well.

You better buy benzyl alcohol and ask your doctor about the right way of using it if you want to end head lice.

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